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Under Eye Wrinkles – Causes, Treatments With Medical & Home-Made

Having lines under your eyes is a normal part of getting aged. If you feel not good with these lines, then you can address them through the various preventive methods and some home remedies.

In this article, you will discover all medical and homemade methods to get rid of under-eye wrinkles.

Under Eye Wrinkles

Most of the people get under eye wrinkles because it is a natural part of the aging process. And, its harmless process for our skin. When we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and ability to renew the skin itself.

Eye Wrinkles

Many things play an important role in how early wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face. These things are such as environmental effects, sun exposure, and less care. The whole area of your eyes is likely to show aging signs early.

What Are Under Eye Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the very first thing which appears on our body as they sing of premature aging. Under-eye skin is very delicate and very sensitive skin. The reason for the appearance of these fine lines on your body is the body loses its ability to renew itself.

Skin loses its ability to replace the collagen and elastin protein which keep our skin energetic, supple, and elastic. In the start of appearing these lines, these are just a few lines, and this is the perfect time to take action against them.

Here are three types of under-eye wrinkles, such as:

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are the cause of repeated contraction of muscles under the eyes. These lines are tends to show when the muscles of eyes are using, while you smile. Those dynamic wrinkles have appeared between the eyebrows and the forehead.

Crow’s feet wrinkles have appeared near to the outer corners of the eyes. They are also called dynamic wrinkles.

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles appear when the skin is damaged. They always remain visible even when the facial muscles are on rest. Over time dynamic wrinkles are becomes static wrinkles. Sun exposure, smoking, and poor nutrition, all these things can cause of static wrinkles.

Wrinkle Folds

Age-related sagging is the facial structure is can cause of wrinkle folds. These wrinkles normally develop in the grooves between the mouth and nose. But maybe they occur under the eyes.

Eye Wrinkle Treatment

When we start to treat the wrinkles first, we have to prevent the fine lines from turning into the wrinkle lines. The skin around the eyes is different from the other skin surfaces. And, this is because it does not create hydration to replace the moisture.

Also, the reason for these lines as we were always touching and rubbing the eyes, so there is a lack of real moisture. These can be added into the facts which we can repeat facial actions such as laughing, squinting, and scrunching, then your skin becomes used out.

Those natural declines for your skin that may lead you to the wrinkles and lines that form, so after some time you look like your grandmother. Except stop touching your face, try to find other ways to cure the problem.

The problem does not stop there; you can probably get dark circles, puffiness, and discoloration underneath the eyes. They can’t affect the same area, but they can make the situation more bad.

What Causes Of Under Eye Wrinkles?

Under Eye Wrinkles Causes

The most common cause of under-eye wrinkles is the aging. But some other contributing reasons you may need to avoid such as:

1. Aging

The organic aging process is the most common reason for under eye wrinkle. As we are going older, this thins is very fair that we get wrinkles and fine lines in all the fun locations and your under-eye area are roofed in that.

Wrinkles start appears to form as your age actually slow down. The delicate pores and skin become dry and thin. Besides other reasons, there is another major reason, and that is lack of estrogen, that impacts the collagen and elastin in the skin.

The overall health of our skin directly depends on the various essential elements in the body. All of those elements get affected with your age:

Collagen is a protein which is abundantly founded in the human body. It presents in bones, muscles, tendons, and the mid-layer of the skin. So, this protein is responsible for the forming and scaffold, which may promote the firmness to an overall body structure.

Therefore, it is very difficult to keep the under-eye area supple and young always. The skin around our eyes will not produce the oil same as the rest of the skin layer and the

dehydration which outcomes offers some kind of disastrous for you.


2. Smoking

Smoking is another biggest reason for under eye wrinkles, and it actively doing so. It’s totally bad for you and also for your skin health. Also, it may cause of redness and yellow staining on the face. Smoking also makes your wrinkles darker and deeper.

Regular smoking can harm the narrow blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin. So, they lessen the flow of blood and make this thing virtually impossible for you to stay your skin healthy.

Many kinds of harmful chemicals found in the tobacco smoking. Nicotine in the tobacco interferes with the collagen and production of elastin in your whole body. And, it breaks downs the existing collagen and elastin molecules.

3. Facial Movements An Expression

Repetitive facial expression may lead you to the fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. If you are smiling and try to see something clearly, a groove appears under the eyes. Collagen production slows down when our age is increasing—the skin around your eyes loss its ability to spring back onto the place.

So, in this way, crease starts being appeared. When you stretch or mold your face, the elasticity of our skin is decreased, and one day it will lose the ability to bounces back. So, therefore these are part of your face unless you intervene. You will do some things to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles of your face and under eyes.

4. Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can also be a cause of wrinkles, especially around the eye area. If you found yourself outside when the sunlight is on the its peak hours without any protection, then sun damage automatically starts to accumulate in the shape of wrinkles and fine lines.

UV rays of the sun are very harmful, and these rays produce free of charge radicals. And, these are those hellion molecules which is made by the sunlight UV rays.

5. Poor Facial Skincare

Affected skin of your face and it should be treated as much. You must have to take an effort to keep your skin beautiful and moisturized, especially during the summer and winter. When you skip the moisturizer for some days, you may see the deep and dark wrinkles.

And, the reason for this process is that the skin of these wrinkles are dry and each emotion and moment it catches will make you more older as of the skin shifts. So, you can use patented peptides which can boost the collagen levels and generates the new skin cells.

6. Not Drinking Enough Water

If you don’t drink enough water, it may lead you to the dehydration. This is the first sign of that you can’t hydrate your body, and fine lines or wrinkles appeared around your eyes. And, it’s another effect is blackheads and acne.

7. Nutritional Habits

Another cause of under-eye wrinkles is that you are not eating healthy foods. Eating ice-creams and snack in midnight will not do any favor for your skin. So, you can reduce your fine lines and wrinkle problems by eating healthy foods.

Healthy foods mean that fill your plate with heart-healthy food items such as fruits, veggies, a rich antioxidant, vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acid. And, try to choose healthy drinks like water, fresh juice, and smoothies mostly green tea.

How To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Wrinkles With Medical Treatments

eye wrinkles treatment

As we age, the amount of collagen is decreased in our body and skin lose its elasticity. That is the unavoidable effect of aging. The lack of collagen, with sun exposure and genetics, is the leading cause of under-eye wrinkles.

So, under-eye wrinkles make us look tired and older than we actually are. But make sure that what you are getting for your skin. Still, there are many ways that are effective, safe, and reliable to improve the wrinkles from under the eyes.

Here are four best medical treatments to treat and get rid of under-eye wrinkles.

1. Laser Treatments

In the laser treatment, your outer skin can be changed; that is where the wrinkles formed. The technician applies the short pulses micro-fine laser that goes inside your skin’s sub-layer to provide support from inside.

After the process, the body will automatically take over the filter away the older and damaged tissues. In this way, your skin gets fresh and new collagen elastin which makes you look younger and smooth.

2. Dermal Fillers Treatments

Dermal fillers treatment is one of the best treatment to get immediate results. The cartridges can replace most of the volume of which occurs under the eyes. And, then it fills your fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Botox Or Dysport Treatments

Laser maybe the high concentration treatment to reduce the fine lines, but other ways will also work well. Botox and Dysport lessen the appearance of more dynamic wrinkles, and it actively works to prevent from forming.

There two kinds of supplement which relax your muscles, and quickly help to out the wrinkles when you laugh for a frown. When you take the botulinum toxin injection, they are inactive. Don’t let the name your scars because you will paralyze the muscles around your eyes.

If you don’t get relief from wrinkles after botox, laser, and filler. Then you have to get the microdermabrasion, and it’s an excellent way to prevent the fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes.

4. Microdermabrasion

Also, it’s a more cosmetic way to treat the problems, but it is also beneficial. They use a small diamond topic to scrub your skin’s imperfections. Then it leaves your skin looks fresh and new quickly.

Many people who have fine lines they choose microdermabrasion treatment because they think that surgery is too invasive. And, they don’t have the same recovery time as other therapies have such as laser for example.

Laser treatment with microdermabrasion may require7 to 10 days to recover, or it would probably require one day. Also, they can have microdermabrasion which can be done at a spa the day of the first session of microdermabrasion. This session is a real eye-opener, so you can do some relax at your own home.

Natural Home Remedies For Wrinkles Under Eyes

Some natural home remedies to get rid of under-eye wrinkles.

Wrinkle Home Remedies

1. How To Get Rid Of Lines Under Eyes With Eye Massage

Eye massage is not the right way because it increases the circulation of blood, boost nutrient, and oxygen to help eliminate the wrinkles.

You won’t only see the prevention if wrinkles but also see a discount on spa or dark circles.

2. Under-Eye Wrinkles Mask

Natural homemade masks will help you to feel like a spa at home. For a few times, before something will distract you like using an eye mask. Homemade masks are very good and super useful to get rid of wrinkles of under eye. Also, these masks will work for fine lines.


It is suggested that use an eye mask for two or three times a week to get instant results. You just need to wash your face with a cleanser and then use an eye mask. Then leave that mask for about one and half hour.

When you remove the mask, then wash your face and apply an eye cream. Some kinds of mask steps will vary, but that may be a gentle method.

Egg Eye Mask

The eye mask can be used for an around a long time and with good reason. But the white eggs have more attraction because they are chock full of protein and vitamins which will nourish and protect the skin. Also, it will make the skin tighter.


Cucumber, Mint And Rose Water Eye Mask

Ingredients of this mask are natural that includes cucumber and rose water to hydrate your skin. Also, it provides an energy boost to your eyes. This method is less effective on the wrinkles than the egg mask. But it is excellent for fine lines which due to the dehydration.


  • Half of a cucumber
  • 30 ml of rose
  • Mint leaves
  • Cotton pads

Yogurt Eye Mask

Yogurt contains a massive amount of lactic acid, so therefore it’s a great addition in an eye mask to reduce wrinkles. But make sure that you are buying an unflavored or unattractive because sugar is not good for the skin. It can cause of irritation.

Try to look for full-fat yogurt for good results. Vitamin C also helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles of your skin and under eyes.


  • Four teaspoons yogurt
  • Two teaspoons vitamin C powder
  • One teaspoon of aloe-Vera gel

3. Eat A Healthy Diet

Many skin care products contain vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Add vitamin-rich foods in your diet, and this food will help to your skin and body in making of new healthy cells.

Some people believe that there is a link between the perfect diet and firm young-looking skin. To increase the amount of these vitamins in your diet, it can consider the colorful citrus fruit and pumpkin.

How To Prevent Wrinkles Around Eyes? Best Tips For Wrinkles

Here are more tips to prevent wrinkles.


1. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses help to stop your eyes from squinting and wrinkling on your face. And, also it helps immensely to prevent wrinkles. Try to use sunglasses when you go outside especially when you are driving.

Drink Water

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

You have to drink 2 liters of water each day. When you experience dehydration, you may have fine lines around your eyes. It is also combined with not getting enough sleep or using alcohol. These things also cause of under-eye wrinkles and crow feet.

SPF Protection Cream

3. Use SPF Protection Cream

SPF cream can keep your eyes protected in another way to avoid under eye wrinkles. It can combine you with sunglasses, in this way you will prevent most damage. Always choose creams instead of using any type of spray for safety.

Eye Wrinkles Cream

4. Use A Night Time Eye Cream

Nighttime is an excellent time because the cream works well at this time. So you can have relaxed, and you can use your time effectively. In the night time, the human body restores, so there you will get double duty there as well.

Use a hydrating cream that includes antioxidant, patented peptides and regional to get the best results.


5. Moisturize

There are some important tips where ae talk about how we get rid of under-eye wrinkles. And, also all about our body for the matter. Don’t take the dehydration lightly.

Hydrate your face two times a day, with the extensive focus on the eye area. Also, you can use vitamin C serum, argan oil mix with vitamin E and A including eye cream.

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