Sandalwood Essential Oil Reviews – Healthy Effects & Working

Sandalwood oil used in many perfumes and air fresheners. It’s classic scent get from a amazing tree but the value of sandalwood oil may go beyond smell. Sandalwood may also offer some health benefits as well.

Sandalwood oil originates from the roots and hardwood of santalum album, or the East Indian sandalwood tree. That is probably the most valuable trees in the global world that included in the anti aging plants. This products used around the world.

What Is Sandalwood Oil?

Sandalwood essential oil is a necessary professionals commodity in a number of countries and has used since ancient moments because of its fragrance and medicinal properties. The east Indian sandalwood oil taken from santalum album, in particular, is widely used to treat various human diseases.

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Edible Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil?

Treats Acne

Sandalwood oil also used for skin whitening, oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-proliferative properties. It’s rather a promising treatment for pimples and other skin complications like eczema, psoriasis warts. Adolescents and adult subjects with moderate facial acne used sandalwood oil saw an improvement in their symptoms without any side effects.

Promotes Sleep

Santalol an active ingredient of this oil, help to reduce the total waking time and improves the complete non-rapid eye removal phase of sleep. Santalol is received into the blood via the respiratory mucosa and is consequently useful in improving sleep. This essential oil helps individuals who have trouble falling asleep.

Improves Complexion

Alpha-Santillo, another principal constituent of sandalwood oil, inhibits tyrosinase and cholinesterase enzymes that catalyze the production of melanin pigments.

Due to this activity, the oil is an active ingredient in several skincare products. Sandalwood is enriched with sesquiterpenoids molecules that deliver oxygen molecules to cells also, which become relaxants and coolants.

Antiseptic Agent

Sandalwood oil offers antiseptic properties and will treat bronchitis effectively, cystitis, dysuria and urinary system infections. Since it is powerful astringent and antiseptic, it could be used to treat inflammatory skin disorders like psoriasis.

Reduces Stress

Aromatherapy using essential oil has been effective in reducing stress. Investigating the physiological effects of sandalwood necessary oil on human people found that oil could lighten the physiological effects to stress. The oil also found to ease recovery after being exposed to stress.

Controls Blood Pressure

Sandalwood necessary oil adds mildly sedative ganglionic blockers or hypotensive agents that help lower blood stress. In a different study, necessary sandalwood oil could significantly decrease systolic blood pressure.

Reduces Body Odor

Sandalwood essential oil possesses a wonderful aroma that may alleviate unpleasant body odour. It really is valued highly because of its fragrant heartwood and found in perfumes because of its excellent fixative properties

Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Essential oils have particular properties that balance and ease menopausal symptoms. Organic Sandalwood oil consists of sesquiterpenols that relaxed your nervous program down, and this will help reduce menopausal indications like hot flashes.

Boosts Immunity

Aromatherapy with essential oils like that of sandalwood can boost your immunity by promoting your body to heal itself. The oil supports white blood cell production, fights microorganism and improves responses in your body.


Sandalwood oil is also an anti-inflammatory agent that provide relief from mild inflammation such as insect bites, contact irritations or other skin condition.

It found the active compounds in sandalwood can decrease inflammation markers in the body called cytokines. Believed that these active compounds act similarly as minus the potential adverse side effects.

Relieve Stomach Issues

Sandalwood essential oil has been used in Chinese medicine to manage paunch pain and vomiting. The oil shows antiviral and antibacterial actions against helicobacter pylori. The advantages are unusual, are not they? Sandalwood necessary oil has other exciting uses too.

Boosts Memory

Sandalwood essential oil can use to promote mental clarity and boost memory. A conducted using mouse models has demonstrated a significant increase in learning and vision following the use of the necessary oil.

Mental clarity

One of the primary sandalwood advantages is that it encourages thinking accuracy when used in aromatherapy or as a perfume. This is why often used for meditation, prayer, or other spiritual rituals.

The general journal Planta Medica assessed the effect of sandalwood oil on attention and arousal levels. The research found that sandalwoods oil main compound, alpha-sotalol, generated a high rating of attentiveness and mood.


Sandalwood is an excellent antiviral agent that has been found to be beneficial to prevent replication of common viruses, such as herpes simplex viruses.

Other uses include the reduction of inflammation from mild skin irritation such as superficial wounds, pimples, warts or boils. Just make sure ever to mix it with a base carrier oil first. If you have a sore throat, you can also rinse with a cup of water with a few drops of antiviral sandalwood oil added to it.

Manage Anxiety

Aromatherapy using sandalwood oil is effective in reducing anxiety. In sandalwood oil could reduce stress in women who were undergoing breast biopsies and in palliative care patients.

Skin Cancer

Very beneficial compound found in sandalwood oil may helps to fight cancer. That compound is called a-santol, Some have shown that this component can help promote cell death of cancerous cells.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil Used For?


Sandalwood oil has found in aromatherapy and ayurvedic massages extensively. The oil provides been reported to lessen anxiety in sufferers under palliative treatment, who treated with an aromatherapy massage therapy. Massaging with sandalwood oil makes your skin layer very soft also.

In Ayurveda

Sandalwood oil offers been used in ayurvedic massages and medicines to treat various ailments such as diarrhea, intrinsic hemorrhage bleeding piles, vomiting. Poisoning hiccoughs, urticaria, eye infections and the inflammation of umbilicus.

For Hair And Scalp

Along with serious benefits for skin and skin tone also. Sandalwood essential oil additionally holds advantages of your hairs. If you want to make use of sandalwood essential oil on your hair, simply use a couple of drops of the oil on damp hair.

Sandalwood will provide your hair added shine by restoring hair care routine is to add a couple of drops to your day-to-day hair shampoo or conditioner.

For Acne

Using sandalwood oil to get acne is very popular. One of the natural sandalwood benefits is definitely its ability to help with clean, healthy-looking skin.

Aids in reducing the appearance of skin imperfections, so treating acne with sandalwood is definitely no exception. To try sandalwood for your acne problem or skin blemishes, create your personal spa-like experience at home by doing a steam inhalation both with sandalwood. To fill a bowl as you comfortably can and cover yourself with a towel to keep the steam in. And breath then, relax and enjoy.

How To Use Sandalwood Oil?

Most of the people find oils that helpful for stress control and relaxation. Fragrances strongly connected to our emotions and memories. It is because our scent receptors located next to the emotional believe in our brain; the aromas can help trigger calming or relaxing feelings.

Other oils may interact with specific hormones, neurotransmitters or enzymes, resulting in a particular change to our bodies chemistry. Sandalwood not only offers benefits but also multiple uses. Traditionally it has been a significant therapeutic agent in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda due to its healing properties.

In these traditional medicines, uses of sandalwood also have a centering effect related to how lavender can be calming to the body. Sandalwood can help improve focus, thinking clarity and balance.


Inhale a few drops of sandalwood essential oil before stretching, barre or yoga class or other relaxing time to help set the mood. Use it before quiet time, prayer or journal to increase your ability to relax and focus.


The best way to get the mental clarity benefits of sandalwood is to use a few drops, about 2-4 to the wrists at moments of high stress or overwhelm the day completely. You can also immediately inhale the oil if you do not want to use it directly to your skin. Use it in a diffuse to enable everyone in the house to enjoy it. Add a few drops to bathwater at the end of a large day.

For The Body

The use of sandalwood oil in a skincare product is universal. One great skincare use, mix sandalwood oil with a base oil to treat dry skin. Get creative by mixing sandalwood with other essential oils to create your blend. Mix 4-5 drops of sandalwood as a base for your homemade hair conditioner. Sandalwood is a great addition to conditioner to help prevent dandruff. If you want to know sandalwood oil price then Click the button below.

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