Clasry Sage Essential Oil Benefits and Usage for Skincare

Clary sage is an oil, and it is derived from the plant called Salvia sclarea. That is native to the northern Mediterranean Basin. It is used as the medicine on a large scale and also uses as a spice.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

What Is Clasy Sage Oil? Where It Comes From?

Clary sage is the herb of Salvia sclarea which is indigenous from the Mediterranean Basin, Southern Europe. Each part of this plant can be used as leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. It has small and large leaves and also blue-white flowers. Clary sage oil is used to inhale in aromatherapy as the alternative of health practices gently.

Oil is extracted from the stout biennial herb, which is one meter tall. It obtained from the process of steam distillation by using top flowers and some leaves. This plant is a clean and refreshing scent that can easily be used as a skin balm. Clary sage plant can be easily grown in the high-temperature area. It is also cultivated for the purpose of adding flavor in tea.

This oil has the nickname “the women oil” because of its benefits for the health of women. Clary sage essential oil is also traditionally used in eye health treatment. Because of it, the oil also called clear eye and eye bright. This oil is still in understudies for more health benefits.

Clary Sage Essential Oil benefits

Health Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Keep learning to see the benefits of this oil.

  1. Stress Reduction

The power of the scent of this oil is used to keep the mind calm and reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress. Our olfactory system is the effect that part of the brain which controls our emotions. So, when you smell some familiar smell, it triggers your memories, both negative positive and elicits feelings.

According to some studies, after the test on all oils clary sage oil have more potential for anti-stress effect than any other oil. The impact of this oil is directly linked to the feel-good hormone dopamine. For the patients of depression, this oil also uses as a medicine for them.

  1. Antibacterial Effect

Some essential oils have the potential to fight against the bacteria. A study shows that to look at the antibacterial effect, the properties of this oil worked against the bacterial effects.

The thin form of clary sage oil has a positive impact on the strains of bacteria. Researchers think that this oil may be an effective treatment for the cure of wounds. To reduce the growth of E. Coli clary sage oil is found significant.

  1. Natural Antidepressant

The experiment of clary sage oil on animals and humans shows the potential and benefits as an antidepressant. A study on rats shows that clary sage oil is beneficial for the treatment of depression.

Clary sage essential oil also reduces the cortisol, the hormones of stress, also produce the antidepressant effect.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The research found that extracts of clary sage oil show the positive results on rats as the anti-inflammatory effect. The study also concluded that the extract of clary sage oil has a positive and significant impact on the treatment of inflammation gum condition periodontists.

  1. Improve Mental Function

There many experiments on different sage plants to improve the mental condition in several ways. In research looked at different sage plants, plants also include clary sage.

Clary sage shows its favorable results with improves mental function, improved memory, greater alertness. Clary sage essential oil also has the potential to fight against the Alzheimer effect.

uses Clary Sage oil

How To Apply Clary Sage Essential Oil?

Talk to your doctor before the use of this oil in your eyes, mouth, and nostrils. Don’t use clary sage oil directly. The research found positive results of clary sage oil, when it placed it while inhaling, taken from the mouth, and the inflamed area of the body. Before using this oil, make sure you are using 100% essential oil.

There are some ways to use the clary sage essential oil:

Breath the scent of its leaves to keep yourself calm. You can find a small bottle of this oil to keep it with you everywhere.

Aromatherapy: Mix 2-3 drops of clary sage essential oil with water or with other essential oil. Then spread it in the air, when it vaporized in the air clary sage oil helps to fight against the bacteria in the air. You can also use it as a room spray mix with water.

Skin: Mix the 1 oz carrier oil and six drops of clary sage oil, then rubdown on the affected area or massage on the skin, before taking a bath to add 3 to 5 drops of clary sage oil in your bath water to soothe sore muscle and also improve mood.

Oral: For a soothing effect, mix one or two drops of essential oil with a smoothie, tea, or any other food. It also helps to rude the inflammation from the gums.

All these uses are safe and beneficial for you.

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