Carrot Seeds Oil For Face Benefits & Uses – Ultimate Guide

Carrot Seeds Oil

Skincare is one of the perspectives of health management. Taking care of skin is almost the requirement of everyone in this world. No one can deny the need for being pretty and young. But, aging is contrary to youth. After getting aged, your skin becomes dull, dry, and visible with wrinkles.

Choosing the solution for these issues can begin with natural sources such as Carrot Seed Oil for skincare. Carrot Seed Oil is really beneficial for skin because it has anti-aging properties that can reduce the aging signs. This oil also has anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and, antibacterial properties.

What Is Carrot Seed Oil?

Carrot Seed Oil obtained from the dried seeds of carrot. This oil has been derived through a cold-press method and used differently. It is a type of essential oil that extracted via steam distillation of Daucus carota plant seeds.

This is a flowering plant which has white blossoms and carrot-scented roots. It is also known as Queen Anne’s lace and wild carrot. Sometimes, it is confused with carrot oil, but both of these oils are different from each other.

Carrot oil made from a mixture of crushed carrot roots and dunk into a carrier oil (olive or coconut oil). That is why carrot oil is not an essential oil like carrot seed oil. This oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties. So is the reason this oil widely used in cosmetics and perfumes.

Carrot Seed Oil

What Do You Get From Carrot Seed Oil For Skin?

Benefits and Uses of Carrot Seed Oil for skin and other health issues are numerous. This oil has been used differently for various health concerns. According to studies and clinical trials, this oil has found supportive fro skincare and induce anti-aging properties. Some of the most related skincare benefits include:

Anti-aging Oil

It has been verified with a study that carrot seed oil helps skin rejuvenation. However, it has anti-aging properties that serve along with its antioxidant support for skin rejuvenation and remove aging signs. That is why carrot seed oil has been used in cosmetics to maintain skin health.

Skin Toning

The carrot seed oil also works as a skin toner. It helps skin to enhances strength and functioning. Moreover, it supports toning for tissues, muscles, tissue, and stomach. This oil can protect the skin from sagging by giving firmness and inner strength.

Anti-Fungal Functioning

The research suggests that carrot seed oil has the carotol chemical compound, which reduces fungi. It has the effectiveness to combat with different kinds of fungi to pull down their impact.

Antioxidant Properties

The carrot seed oil has the antioxidant properties found with test tube studies. It may help to fight back with free radicals to reduce health damage.


Various studies have been conducted to dig out findings of the anti-inflammatory properties of carrot seed oil. It has been evident that this oil has anti-inflammatory support that soothes scalp and skin.

Antibacterial Support

The oil can give you the antibacterial support to replenish the bacteria. It helps to reduce the harmful bacteria’s that can cause minor to major health issues. Studies proved that the presence of this oil might improve the antibacterial functioning in other oils.


The use of carrot seed oil also found in aromatherapy. It has stimulant properties that enhance the circulation of brain cells and nerves. You get higher levels of energy and alertness. It has a warm, woody, earthy, and mildly sweet scent, which is why carrot seed oil used for aromatherapy.

This essential oil gives a soothing, refreshing, and grounding effect. You can repel the feelings of fatigue, anxiety, weakness, and stress to enjoy overall well-being. Moreover, this oil can be blended with other essential oils for aromatically appealing.

Support Skin Health

Carrot Seed Oil for skin can reduce many skin problems. It functions as a supporting and protective agent to enhance skin health. some of the useful outcomes of this oil include:

  • This oil protects your skin and repairs skin damage due to various environmental factors such as external stressors, pollutants, sunscreen. All these factors can lead to aging, and after using carrot seed oil, they can be mitigated to reduce symptoms of aging.
  • It works dynamically to improve skin health by stimulating the growth of new tissue and new skin.
  • This may provide a clearer, brighter, evenly toned skin with fairer complexion.
  • It serves with moisture to relieve skin from irritation due to ailments like boils, acne, dermatitis, sores, psoriasis, and eczema.
  • The oil can gradually make your skin so smooth and firm. This oil revitalizes the skin by nurturing it in a very healthy manner to avoid all the skin issues.
  • Using this oil regularly on the dry skin may soften the cracks and calluses to heal scars faster.
  • It has a calming effect on skin irritation due to dryness and cracks.
  • The carrot seed oil also supports fading of redness, dark spots, and aging spots to provide a younger and clearer complexion.

Ways To Use Carrot Seed Oil For Face

No doubt, the carrot seed oil is found beneficial for the skin. You are thinking about how you can use this oil to enjoy more perks for skin health. You can use carrot seed oil for skin y following some of the given ways. They are:

Direct Application

You can directly apply this oil on your skin after dilution. Take 3-5 drops of carrot seed oil and add them into one spoon of carrier oil. It helps to repair and prevent skin damage. Massage the oil in a circular motion and let it absorb.

You can apply it one to two times a day. It has regenerative and stimulating properties that gently help your manufactured products to give no scar damage. If you are having SARS on your skin and going to apply the market-based moisturizer, then add a few drops of carrot seed oil to increase its gentleness and soothe scar without irritation. You can add the carrier oil according to your choice, but usually suggested oils can be coconut or Safflower.

Facial Blend

Carrot seed oil can be used as a complex facial oil blend to enjoy revitalizing skin. You can make this blend with the following quality:

Jojoba oil15 ml
Carrot Seed Essential Oil8 drops
Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil4 drops
Sandalwood Essential Oil2 drops
Frankincense Essential Oil2 drops
Vitamin E Liquid5 drops
Add all these oils into a dropper bottle and shake the bottle well for better mixing — Cleanse your face and massage 4 drops of this oil on your cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Facial Serum

Face protection can be attained in different ways with this essential oil. You can make your facial serum that promotes and maintains skin health. Try the following steps:

Olive oil15 ml
Carrot Seed Essential Oil8 drops
Chamomile Essential Oil4 drops
Geranium Essential Oil2 drops
Lavender Essential Oil2 drops
Add all these oils into a dropper bottle and shake them well. For application, cleanse your face and apply four drops on your forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer

It can be blended with different oils to make anti-aging moisturizer. You can apply this moisturizer before your make up application to get the younger look. This moisturizer can be made by following the below things:

Prickly Pear Carrier Oil1 tbs
Argan Carrier Oil2 drops
Carrot Seed Essential Oil5 drops
Lavender Essential Oil3 drops
Frankincense Essential Oil2 drops
Add all these essential oils into a dropper bottle and gently shake it or roll it between your palms for thorough mixing. You can apply it before going to do makeup. Take 2-3 drops and massage on your face evenly.

Restore Health and Suppleness

You can make your skin softer and reduce dryness with carrot seed oil. Try to make your night serum with this oil. try to make it by tooling underneath ways:

Carrot Seed Essential Oil4 drops
Frankincense Essential Oil4 drops
Rose Absolute2 drops
Skin Mousse1 tbs
Pure Aloe Vera Gel1 tbs
Jojoba Carrier Oil1 tbs
Mix them well until they become consistent and smooth. Apply a minimal amount of this serum on your skin at night time and let enjoy the results.

Face Mask

It can be blended with clay to make a face mask. This will help to rejuvenate, refresh,  and protect skin damage. You can make it by adding:

Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) Clay1 tsp
Aloe Vera Gel1 tsp
Carrot Seed Essential Oil2 drops
Add these things in a bowl and mix them with a spoon. Apply on your skin with the help of a face mask brush. Do not apply it on the eye area. Keep it for 10 minutes and let the mask dry itself. Rinse it with warm water and get the even tones and hydrated skin.

use Carrot Seed Oil for Skin

Bottom Line

Carrot Seed oil gives maximum benefits for skin and reduces different issues without leashing any side effect. All these ways can be used according to your skin requirements and skin type.

So, first, explore your skin and then apply any one of these tips. Going for natural sources always seems beneficial. So, try them out and make your skin naturally younger and even better.

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