5 Easy Homemade Banana Face Mask Recipes

The Banana makes your face nourished and glowing. It also keeps your skin soft and smooth. It’s a perfect homemade beauty treatment for oily, dry, and sensitive skin. Bananas are a very good addition to your skincare routine.

This delicious fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals. That’s why Banana is popular to solve the skin problems. Banana mask for hairs is also good to control damage and dull strands. Some people said that the Banana mask is a natural botox which helps to treat the fine line and wrinkles.

When you mix the Banana with other ingredients, it makes a fantastic face mask. That face mask provides you several purposes and acts like as a quick beauty fix. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Banana for the skin.

Benefits of Banana Face Mask

Banana is not only good for your skin. It is also suitable for your hair and overall health. This fruit contains many powerful nutrients. These nutrients make it a perfect ingredient in all your face masks.

  • Vitamin C founds in Bananas. This vitamin helps to reduce the brown spots from your skin and other sun damages. It also helps to boost the production of healthy collagen that may cause of firmer skin.
  • This fruit also helps to reduce the inflammation and irritation. Both damages are the cause of a cascade of damage. It improves the skin’s natural healing response for fading post-breakout red and black.
  • Banana helps increase the sunscreen’s effectiveness and boost the defense of your skin against the UV exposure.
  • The Banana contains a large number of antioxidants and manganese. Both help to present the body from damage caused by oxygen free radicals. Those free radicals lead you to premature aging of the skin. Also, it helps to hydrate the skin and prevent drying and peeling.
  • Banana contains vitamin A, which helps restore the lost moisture and repairs the dull, damaged, and dry skin. The Banana is loaded with the antioxidants. It’s not only suitable for removing dead skin but also leaves it feeling rejuvenated.
  • Vitamin A in Bananas good to treat the acne and reduce the inflammation.
  • Banana is an excellent exfoliator that helps to slough off excess sebum on the skin. It also contains moisture, potassium, and vitamin E & C. All of these promote the clear, glowing skin.

There are some homemade recipes for you. You can make them at home and keep your skin glowing and fresh.

Mask for Acne and Scars

1. Banana Face Mask for Acne and Scars

In this recipe, make a paste of baking soda with Banana. This paste works wonder on acne for the face. When it combines the lemon and applying on the skin, it kills the bacteria, which cause of acne.

It’s a great acne fighter. Lemon and baking soda contain the anti-inflammation properties that reduce the swelling of acne and boils etc. It also manages the skin’s pH.


  • Few slices of ripe banana
  • ½ tbsp baking soda
  • ½ tbsp fresh lemon juice

How to Apply:

  1. First, peel off the ripe banana and mash it with a spoon in a small bowl.
  2. Then mix all the ingredients well and apply on your cleansed face.
  3. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash after giving a gentle massage for a few minutes to your skin.
  4. Use this mask twice in a week for good results.

Face Mask for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

2. Banana Face Mask for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Bananas are loaded with nutrients that are beneficial for your skin. Some recent researches suggest that bananas are also useful to smooth wrinkles. Yogurt’s milk acid promotes peeling and hydrates the skin. The citric acid in lemon is worked as an exfoliator, which helps to remove dead skin cells.

Vitamin C helps to reduce the brown spots and sun damage. It also helps to boost the collagen production, which causes of firmer skin.


  • Some slices of ripe banana
  • One tbsp thick yogurt
  • ½ tbsp fresh lemon juice

How to Apply:

  1. First, mesh the riped banana slices with a spoon.
  2. Mix all the ingredients well and apply on your washed face.
  3. Leave it for 25 to 30 minutes and then wash after a gentle massage for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Use this paste for 3 to 4 times in a week for better results.

Face Mask for Brighten Skin

3. Banana Face Mask for Brighten Skin

This paste will revitalize and nourish the skin. Also, it smoothens the rough and aging skin. Face mask of bananas will nourish, exfoliates, cleanse, and moisturize the aging and all types of skin.


  • Some slice of riped banana
  • One tbsp of Honey

How to Apply:

  1. Peel of the Banana and mash the banana with a spoon.
  2. Mix the honey with Banana and apply it on your face.
  3. Leave the paste for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your face after 2 to 3 minutes of gentle massage to your skin.
  4. Apply this mask for 2 to 3 times in a week for better results.

4. Banana and Turmeric Face Mask

Banana and turmeric paste can destroy the bacteria, which cause of acne. You need one Banana, one tbsp turmeric, and 1/3 cup of yogurt in a bowl. Mix the ingredients and make a paste. Then apply it on your face for 15 minutes for pimple-free skin. This face mask helps to fight against the pimples and reduce the scars and blemishes.

Mask for Dark Spots

5. Banana Face Mask for Dark Spots

The banana fruit can help to fight against the dark spots and whiten the skin tone. Take a banana and mash it, then combine with one tbsp of lemon and honey. Both lemon and honey contains the vitamin C, which helps to brighten the skin and lighten the dark spots and provides you with even tone skin. Apply this banana mask on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

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