Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum Complete Review

Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum gives you long-lasting moisture. It is best for dry skin and keep it moisturized. There are natural ingredients to restore and stabilize your skin.

Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum Review

Beauty is the gift of God that makes you feel pleased and more confident. With time, your beauty defies, and you feel the aging signs on your skin. Various factors can lead to make you aged and affect your youthful appearance. Keep a monitor on yourself to make you feel perfect, and you can have the desired skin and moisture.

Skin lost its beauty due to environmental exposure and age impact—more than that, your eating habits and living style go hand in hand. Additionally, there are various products that you can use on your skin to get the most out of it. Skin needs proper care, and by using Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum, you can attain a complete suite of moisture products.

What is Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum?

Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum gives you long-lasting moisture. It is best for dry skin and keep it moisturized. There are natural ingredients to restore and stabilize your skin. It is made by the Avène brand that is backed with 270 years of experience in dermatology and hydrotherapy.

The brand is famous for making skincare products for sensitive skin and recommended by countless users worldwide. It has Avène Thermal Spring Water as the main ingredient. This may help to soothe your skin and suit sensitive skin too. It hydrates the skin with its hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Avene Intense Serum

The formula can lock the moisture and provide a hydrating finish. It has an intense blend that provides hydrated skin looks soft, supple, radiant, and comfortable. It renders tightness and dehydration to dull, dry, and sensitive skin. This serum has a natural fixing that can make you more beautiful and did not harm your skin.

Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum Ingredients

The manufacturer added potent and clinically proven ingredients that are helpful to keep your skin moisturized and beautiful. Also, check the concentration of soothing and calming Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum has the following fixings. They are:

  • Cohederm

Cohederm technology helps your skin to get an intense and 24-hour hydration boost. It lasts for a long-lasting time ad gives your beneficial results as compared to hyaluronic acid. Cohederm is so effective that it functions as the hydrating powerhouse for daily skin moisture. It has many benefits to moisture the skin, contour eyes, and work as an overnight formula. This substance also helps to reduce eth water loss and build a cohesive barrier for protection.

  • Hydration- Boosting Microspheres

Hydration Boosting Microspheres help to keep the skin hydrated. It captures and stores the hydration for more long-lasting usage support.

  • Avene Thermal Spring Water

This calming Avene Thermal Spring Water is a clinically proven compound that has been globally studied. It helps to keep the skin soft, calm and provides a soothing effect. (Soothing and calming avène thermal spring water)

  • Other Ingredients

It has Aqua, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Isocetyl stearoyl stearate, Triethylhexanoin, Glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate,  Methyl glued-20, Benzoic acid, Beta-sitosterol, C12-20 alkyl glucoside, C14-22 alcohols, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance (perfume), Polyglyceryl-10 myristate, Sodium hydroxide, Tocopheryl acetate, and Water (aqua).

How Does it Work?

Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum ml is designed for dehydrating sensitive skin. The product works in a very natural way by using its effective formula. This avene hydrant’s intense rehydrating serum ml is concentrated on patented compounds that function to intensely rehydrates the skin by giving the desired moisture.

It fortifies the skin by restoring its natural hydration. The product provides a protective barrier and restores moisture for a longer time. It soothes the skin and restores the water reservoirs in the skin to serve with anti-irritating support; the manufacturer tried to make the product more beneficial and useful with its ingredients.

It reduces the fine lines, dehydrate, and smokes the skin. The product keeps the skin intensely hydrated, comfortable, supple, soft, and luminous. It fightback against environmental factors and protect the skin without causing any harm. The main work of this formula is to make the skin more hydrating and fresh.

Enhance beauty

Benefits of Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum

The product is made with natural fixings that ensure numerous benefits in a very safe manner. This serum comes with a high concentration of Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum has the underneath benefits:

  • Keep your skin hydrated, supple, radiant.
  • Comfortable product
  • Soap-Free, paraben-free, oil-free, soy-free
  • Skin-friendly and gluten-free
  • Concentrated in patented serum
  • Provide intense rehydration
  • Refreshes the skin by restoring its natural hydration
  • Serves with a protective barrier
  • Render long-lasting soothing effect
  • Restore the skin water reservoirs
  • Reduce fine lines

How to use this Product?

You can use this serum according to the manufacturer application ways. The manufacturer of Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum has instructed the application. You can follow:

  • Wash your face properly and pat dry.
  • Take a small amount of the serum.
  • Apply it twice a day.
  • Use it in the morning and evening.
  • You can use it on your neck and face.

Note: Do not exceed the usage amount and keep your diet balanced and maintain a healthy living style.


  • Do not use it around your eyes.
  • Not recommended to under 18 years of age
  • Please keep it away from direct sun exposure, moisture, and heat.
  • Place it away from the reach of kids.

Side Effects

The product has no side effects because it has natural and clinically verified ingredients that ensure no issues. Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum has components that dynamically work to reduce skin issues by requiring moisture. It is free of paraben, soy, oil, and soap. It did not damage the skin like other products because it is devoid of harmful chemicals. So, feel free to add this formula to your daily skincare.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Avène Hydrance Intense Serum ml from its official website. They have provided the complete detail of its price, shipping charges, and discount on the site. So, you can place your order there and enjoy the product at your doorstep.

Bottom Line

Avene Hydrance Intense Serum ml is a beneficial formula that keeps your skin moisturized and retains it for a long time. This may help you to look more beautiful without having any skin damage. Also, you can use hydrance optimal intense serum & hydrants optimal hydrating serum for your skin. See the stock avene hydrance intense rehydrating serum.

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